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This appears to be a frankenbike but one with good parts. The crankset is mid-1980s Superbe Pro, while the front deriailleur is earlier Superbe and the rear derailleur is 1st generation Cyclone. Unfortunately, I can't positively identify the brakeset.

That style Nishiki logo was unique to 1985. We know it's not a Prestige because they used top mount shifters and had dual bottle bosses in 1985. It's also not a Tri-A because they used internal brake cable routing and dual bottle bosses in 1985. Finally, it's not an International as they used oversized tubes in 1985. The frame may be some lower model that's been overdressed. Regardless of the level of the frame and size issues, there is easily $150 worth of components. This may be a good subject for a purchase and putting the frame on .
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