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No obvious bike related source for shim on a brief search. Most shims are too short for this application anyway. If
I understand the question you need a shim with an OD of 25.4mm and an ID of 22.2mm. 22.2mm is 0.874"
so one possibility would be a foot long section of this tubing: Speedy Metals 1" OD x 0.870" ID x .065" Wall 6061 Aluminum Round Tube
You would cut it long enough to be below the end of the quill and end just below the top of the fork. You would have
to cut a slot 1/116-3/32 wide the length of the tube. A bit of a kludge but it should work with lots of lube on install.
You may never get it out. Shim needs to go to top of fork to keep stem from rattling around in fork and if not below
end of quill you won't be able to tighten the stem in the fork. Tubing listed is a bit undersized, but the stem may be
as well. Slotting the tube will help, it may be a one shot setup, banged into place without any easy option to remove
or replace. At least the tubing is cheap.

If you want to go bat s**t, you could etch the aluminum tubing with washing soda solution which slowly dissolves
the aluminum and would enlarge the ID, shrink the OD, but this is (potentially) nasty stuff, but available in grocery stores. It doesn't
work very fast, you can google it for info.

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