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I did not see this when originally posted, I was on a trip away from the internet for over a week.

I am quite happy with Halo bolt on skewers. Any 5mm allen wrench will open them. My assumption is that a typical thief is an opportunist and will not be carrying around a multi-tool. This way I do not have to worry about losing my special skewer key. If you decide to try the Halo skewers, they take a bit of getting used to, only one spring instead of two and the nut has a tab that fits in the drop out slot. If you stick with the Pitlocks, make sure you do not lose the key.

With your wide gearing (48/36/26 and 11/36 cassette) you might find that your rear derailleur cage will not take up all the slack. As long as you avoid a few gears using the smallest chainring and smallest sprockets, that is not a problem. I only mention it so you are not surprised later if you get some odd noises when in those gears, but since those are cross chained gears I suspect you would not be using those gears anyway. After you install your chain, you could check to see if you lost any gears and if so, how many.

I have interrupter brake levers on my drop bar bikes, very happy with them.

I think I get about 600 milliamps out of my USB port at normal touring speeds, but with the Sinewave Revolution USB charger I could get a full amp down hills. Your Luxos U however has a small cache battery so you will not be able to tell how different speeds affect output because the battery would buffer the output variation from different speeds. I use the SP PV8 hub, I think the SON 28 puts out about the same power as mine.

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