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Originally Posted by NYSteve View Post
Great news. I am going to try it again maybe in one or two gears higher and see what happens. I Am practicing shifting both the chainring (front?) and the sprocket (rear?) I am almost trying not to bottom out on the sprocket before shifting.

Today I did a small ride, very flat, I did most of my pedaling on the biggest chainring. Trying to save some gears as well. I would like to be able to do a good part of my biking up on the biggest sprocket.
Listen, something I didn't see mentioned... while you are actually climbing, and you have a couple of gears left on the back (already in the small ring in the front), and you want to shift down to an easier gear yet... lighten up your pedaling load when you do this. Your bike will thank you.

You are moving the rear derailuer (RD) from a smaller cog to a bigger cog in the back... the chain has to move uphill, and the RD has to force the chain to the new location... it won't like being fully loaded.

You need to keep your feet moving... but just take a bit of pressure off the pedals while you make this shift. That will actually "save your gears."
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