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Greetings from Hampton Roads!

I have finally decided to join and participate in the bikeforums.
First things first; thank you all to everyone who has posted help tips because I have probably used your helps over the last several years to keep up my bikes. Hopefully, now I too will offer some tips.

I'll be spending most of my time in the 50+ and hybrid forums. I was an avid cyclist up until age 30-ish, then stopped. Looking back I have no idea why I stopped. At age 51 I decided I was going to ride again (my mid-life crisis?). My sons were proud of me; my better half thought I was crazy. So now at 56 I am on my fourth bike and have learned quite a bit about my cycling body. And my better half is now proud of me too.

My comfort hybrid, approx 1500 miles, was just slow and I actually did not realize how upright I was.
My road bike, approx 2500 miles, is no longer 'comfy' on rides - I do have back issues.
My mountain bike, approx 1000 miles, was too dangerous - okay, I was just reckless on single track. There is just something about getting on a mountain bike and hitting a trail. But I can say now, after numerous wipeouts, that I was too old for what I wanted to do on my mb.

So have sold the comfort hybrid and road bike, and my son took the mountain bike. I just bought me a Giant Roam 2 and it is perfect! I'm gonna enjoy 'growing old' with my Roam. And I know I will enjoy participating in these forums.
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