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Originally Posted by 350htrr View Post
If your wife still wants to pedal most of the time, than a hub motor could actually be "better" than a mid-drive as you can put it on most 27 speeds and keep the bike you have. Also most mid-drives are only 7 to 9 gears, thus when riding without assistance it's not as usable as a 27 speed. IMO
I agree. I'm 63 (two years younger than the OP's wife), and have pretty much the same issues with hills, etc, except that I have to be careful not to damage my knees because I am involved in a competitive riding sport.

Now, this is only my personal experience, but... I have tried a few mid-drives only to find I didn't like having to shift through the power controls. It took too much concentration and nonstop maneuvering to constantly "dial in" what I felt was appropriate for the undulating terrain, and that took away from the ride enjoyment. I found I was more concerned and focused on the electronics than just biking along. Maybe that was because I was trying the ebikes out and not familiar with the setup, but wasn't encouraging for me. I have found I am far happier just shifting my gears for the terrain, and touching my thumb throttle to activate my front ehub when I wanted a boost up a hill, or to increase my speed. It was simple, easy, clean. No dialing.

Again JMHO. I would never give up a throttle. Touch it and the bike is suddenly an ebike. Release it and ignore it and your bike is back to being just your common everyday bike.

I think the OP is going to have to seriously consider the bike weight issue in the purchase. For me, it is always a bit of a shock switching between my 40+lb ebike and my 20lb road bike. I adore my ebike for the long rides because...well, that motor is just sheer heaven when I want it. But it is a lot of weight to push down the road, too. The 700x35 tires really help keep up the speed, thankfully.
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