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I'd better bring K-rations if I have to do all that. PS you're in Portland, OR, not Minnesota. They got more places to stop than in Ontario.

Originally Posted by 79pmooney View Post
The secret is layers. A light windblock layer first, preferably one you can shed and stow in a pocket or bag or tie around your waist. (Tying around your waist WILL kill waterproofing.) Then breathable wool or polyester pile or the like. (Stay away from cotton.) Then one or more layers of non-cotton thermal underwear.

Newspaper under the outside layer works very well as a windblock. Seek out newspapers with quality ink or make sure the adjacent layers aren't ones with looks that matter. Front of torso (whole sheet using the first fold) and front of legs (to keep warm blood flowing to your feet).

Early things to buy: Armwarmers and legwarmers are not expensive and very useful. They allow quick changes as you warm up or the day changes. Your favorite cycling shoe a full size lager. A near trick is to put your bare feet into produce bags with no holes, then your usual socks, another bad and a snug fitting stretchy men's dress sock like your grand dad might have worn. Now your socks are completely sealed from rain, puddles and sweat. Dry and as good insulators in 4 hours as when you left the house.

There are lots more tricks. Helmet liners (Goodwill wool headbands?), helmet covers, large mittens. Go riding. Talk to other riders. Be inventive. Goodwill and places that sell used or bargain outdoor gear are great places to go searching.

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