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Asymmetric Leg Soreness

I just started riding more seriously to get in better shape and I've noticed most of my leg soreness is in my right leg, particularly my calf and hip. Is this normal? It sounds really silly.

I feel like I'm probably putting in more effort on my right leg and relying on it too much but every time I make a conscious effort to use my left leg more, it feels awkward. If I really think about it I can use both legs equally but only on flat ground when I'm not tired. As soon as things get tough, the right leg carries more of the load. I can only tell this because the next day the soreness hits.

I do believe I am "right footed" if there is such a thing because I kick with my right foot and my first step from standing always tends to be with the right leg.

I'm still using flat pedals but plan on making the switch to clipless by spring. Are there any drills or anything I can do to ensure I'm driving both legs equally? Has anyone else experienced this?
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