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Originally Posted by MinnMan View Post
Luckily, we are NOT your only hope.

There are lots of great bikes out there for $2k, but if you're sold on DI2, I don't think there are many store-sold brands that sell CF+DI2 at that price point.

If your experience is limited to your old 720 and your friend's DI2 bike, go to your LBS and ride a road bike near $2k and see what you think. Maybe the DI2 is essential to your aspirations, or maybe a modern mechanical drive train is, for you, almost as sweet.

More generally, going to do some test rides will probably be more educational the the cacophony of answers you'll get here (although sadly, you can't test ride a BD bike, I don't think). If you ask people here about the "durability" of CF, you are going to get the full gamut of answers, from "I've ridden the same carbon bike 15,000 miles/year for 12 years with no problems" to "crabon asplodes"
Thanks, great reply! I mostly worry not about CF in general since it's more or less proven/it's limitations known, but about this one in particular (since I can't find much info from people who have them). I think it's smart to try other road bikes (Ultegra mechanical for comparison especially). Sadly (or not) the LBS is more or less a Trek shop (but carries a few others/can order others). I always feel like they push Trek/Bontrager fairly hard.

A few people also mentioned LBS support. Other than the initial fitting (which most will do for a fee), it won't help me much (unless I go with a chain) as I will be moving around a bit for the next few years.

Originally Posted by San Pedro View Post
For a 1st road bike, I would want store support. Not likely to get Di2 at that price point though. Also, I read once that on of the BD Di2 bikes was 1st gen, and finding new parts and support for it would be tricky. Not sure if it's the one you're looking at though.
According to BD website, it is the ST-6870 shifters/derailleurs. I can't quite tell but that seems to be current generation. Please correct me if I'm wrong, it's kinda hard to tell.

Originally Posted by hsuehhwa View Post
$2k is plenty for a beginner bike. I would just get a CF with 105 group or an Aluminum with 105/Ultegra.

Don't over research your new bike. For a starter, bike is not that important. Instead, invest time in your own fitness and a good bike fit. Get a new bike, get a proper bike fit (so you don't hurt yourself), ride A LOT of it, and lose some weight. After 2-4k miles, you'll know much better at the time what you really want, endurance, racing, climbing... As your core strength and fitness for road cycling improves, you'll able to take advantage of a more aggressive (aero) bike fit and ride more efficiently.
Since 2015 I've already done a good bit of this. I've lost 60 some lbs, started lifting, running, biking (obviously) and a little swimming (pool time is hard to get for me). I'm a bit limited in my ride length by 1. free time (which I am getting more of now) 2. comfort of my bike. I'm also certain that endurance is the way I want to go at this point.

Over research is also my middle name. Good or bad its just the way I am .

Originally Posted by rpenmanparker View Post
What about the BD Motobecane Ti bikes? Less worry than CF...for those who would worry about it. Not me, but some folks. Anyway the Ti frame is very well reviewed. Does it come with Di2? Price?
Not DI2 but the SRAM Red equivalent (eTap?). Bit pricier though.
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