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Originally Posted by 23109VC View Post
I'm new to cycling. I ride with my iPhone / apple watch and it tracks my speed in real time.... I recently bought a new bike...I went from a more vertical riding hybrid (fat tires) to a true road bike - aggressive aero body position, skinny tires, nice components..

I immediately noticed that with similar effort I could maintain higher speeds. what used to be "hard" to do on my old bike, is just "cruising' on the new bike.... technology is great.. my old bike was 10 years old and the new one is a nicer carbon fiber bike...

now if I really get pedaling hard on nice flat pavement I am able to hold much higher speeds..i'm wondering how fast the average cycling goes and by comparison, how fast are the "pros" going.. i'm sure they would smoke a guy like me...

If I am just cruising at a slower pace, I'm going 14-15 mph
if I am bent over / aero and going at a modest pace, i'm at like 16-17... maintaining 18-19 ins't too hard either.
if I really get going and put my effort up to what is "fast" and something that I can maintain for a bit but NOT for extended periods.. I'm going like 22-24mph.... I think I've hit as high as 25mph when i'm going all out.

on a downhill - where I feel like i'm going as fast as the bike will physically go, I think i'm going maybe 35? mayb ethat is about as fast as these bikes will go? not that I need to go faster..falling off at 35 I think i'd break a whole bunch of bones and be covered in road rash.....

anyway.. I just wondered what was considered a pretty good pace.

I also can imagine that on a longer ride you keep overall speeds a bit lower? to conserve energy? thel ongest I've gone is 40 miles... I would think if I was going to go for a century ride, I might opt to skip the 20+ mph sprints and stick to 15mph or less and go for conserving energy?

on a short 20 mile ride it's not a big deal to mix in some high intensity sprints...
Seems a fair question but you will find no satisfaction on this forum. The bicycle forums world is terribly unfriendly. And a certain, odd delight at answering without answering, especially anything regarding speeds.

Nowadays, on flat ground, little or no wind (rare), I typically cruise at 16 MPH on my steel, fendered Surly Cross Check running on Michelin 32mm Pilot tires. By "cruise" I mean a speed that I can sustain for an extended time without tiring or going anaerobic. A more gentlemanly speed might be more like 14 MPH and when the local snooty, road weenies show up I might make briefly 20 MPH before I decide they are not worth pursuing.

When I was younger I could do 25 miles in under an hour on my steel Pinarello on Specialized original issue Turbos in 21mm (I think they were 21mm). At 25 MPH, I would not have then considered that cruising, as it was intense effort.
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