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Originally Posted by Leisesturm View Post
I am not sure how the 'boost' is applied to the wheels, but longboards the ordinary kind, are incredibly popular in Portland's metro area. Scad's of young men (I've never seen one older than ~30) and quite a few young women are using them. I don't care how primo the pavement, however, there is no way a 2" in diameter urethane wheel is going to compete for ride quality with even a 16" Brompton wheel!!! Skateboards are SLOW. Period. Slow and inefficient and.... ... I don't know... you sound a little wistful... a little awed even by that video. Don't be. It's staged. 1 in 10,000 riders get to that level of talent as to stay on a longboard for even a 1/2 mile at a time. A 3mi. commute would be torture. A 10mi. maybe the limit... round trip! I'm not at all, not in the slightest feeling like I am missing anything. A panic stop on one of those things is an exercise in faith. Skateboards are for stunting in skateparks. Cruising, commuting, anything longer than 1/2 mile needs a kick-scooter at the very bare minimum.
Yeah that was the site advertising but to just hop on any of these elongboards and just go straight is a very viable option, just did a quick search on those electric longboards and commuting lots of them
non staged and just typical people going to work:

here's a guy hopping on for the very first time in his life:

You already state that it is incredibly popular, what's to stop them when they are older and working to pick up a electric version to ride to work since it is something they are used to already? get them while they are early and you have them for life!

The beauty of the small wheels even though it is small you don't need shocks you have your legs as well as the board flexing that absorbs the majority of it. I'm in my early 40's and STILL snowboard and never once complained going down the mountain was too bumpy and wish I had shocks, I've done 30 minute runs down the mountain without needing to stop for breaks every half mile you'll get stronger and used to things just like cycling long distances. And to say electric longboarding is slow pretty much means you haven't seen it yet or experience it. 2nd video has that person blasting 22mph down the streets, their foot never needing to touch the ground. And the new boards all have electric braking to quickly slow down you don't need to put your foot down to speed up or slow down, but for a car cutting in front of you it wouldn't matter if you are flying on a bike or longboard you'll be hitting that car.

In the end I have zero stake in e-longboards or anything of the fact I am just saying for brompton to get into this crowded e-bike/e-vehicle category they have to know what are they up against and what type of product they need to put out to compete. For them to outright ignore it thinking it is just a toy and no one will use it like some of you are saying in this thread is a dangerous move.

side note: blackberry dismissed the iPhone when it first came out that it wasn't a competing product when they where at the top of their game look where that landed them now?

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