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Originally Posted by BigPoser View Post
Man you guys are fast! When it's flat on Zwift I'm cooking along at only 15-17 but am working much harder to maintain that, than I would be outside going 18-20. At least my legs are telling me that. Maybe it's the trainer making me work harder? That's fine as I got the trainer to get a good workout. It's just strange to me.
Well, On my trainer with my quarq power meter, which is very similar to my other quarq, which is very similar power to my power tap, if I hold 250w for an hour it means 19mph average. If I do that on the road, which around here is about 60ft of climbing per mile, I should be averaging 21-22mph. So my speed on the trainer is less. However I felt like Swift may have been optimistic. That being said, I was using a Kicker power trainer (the $1,000+) and it seems like they don't use an actual power meter but rather an algorithm of sorts? I really need to dig into that a bit further.

I found that going over 1,000 watts on the Kicker is nearly impossible. I can do that on the road bike on demand.

And yes, riding indoors is harder than outdoors. The same effort feels harder.
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