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Originally Posted by Leebo View Post
OP, bike and gearing you have on it? Might need lower.
+1, OP asked a lot of questions about various cogs and chainrings, I'm not convinced we got enough information to ensure he really was in the lowest gear for climbing that hill.

OP, for climbing you want to use the lowest gear which is smallest chainring in the front, and biggest cog in the back. You should be able to briefly look down while riding to check. Gear ratio is front divided by back, which tells you how many wheel revolutions per crank revolution.

It sounds like you have 3 chainrings, how many teeth are on each?

And how many cogs? Assuming a relatively modern bike, the smallest is probably 11 or maybe 12 teeth, how many on the biggest?

Many road bikes will come with a 11-25 cassette in the back, or widen to 11-28 "for climbing". That's for 135lb mountain goats. Clydes like us need a wider cassette in order to haul ass (pun quite intended).

FWIW, I'm 250lb, and my bike has 11-34 in the back, and compact double (50&34) in the front. that lowest gear ratio of 34:34 (=1:1) is pretty low as road bikes go, but if I had a triple it could go even lower.

My mtb has 11-36 cassette and double chainring with 36&22. So lowest ratio of 22:36 is quite 'under water', and in theory I should be able to climb walls. In reality, I can ride as slow as about 2-3mph before I fall over.

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