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Originally Posted by rumrunn6 View Post
what struck me is that the model's attire doesn't make sense with the prop. meaning why use the bike? or why use that outfit? & that rear fender looks off-center. why is her bra showing? also that visible tank top strap is out too far. is that skirt supposed to be so poofy? maybe get an aspiring stylist to help out? there are also hair stylists that can use some practice. good luck the lighting is OK but the low angle is kinda like you're trying to look up her skirt. that's a pretty old bike, maybe show more of it's key highlights like maybe with an oblique frontal angle? what is the purpose of the photo?
The concept of the Mixte and step-through bikes is that they can be ridden with a skirt or dress. The European style (Italian/Dutch) will also include fender guards that can be quite decorative.

Flat Shoes?

Or... maybe not as stylistic... but the old leather shoes were like high heel shoes without the heels

As far as bicycles, I could probably supply something in Oregon. But, Detroit is a bit out of the way.

I'd encourage you to go to some local bike shops. It is quite possible they'd trade some publicity photos for the use of floor bikes. Just decide what style of bike you wish to photograph. Maybe get a variety of outfits from casual "city bikes" to snappy "racing bikes".
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