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Depends on the bike and quality of materials, paint, and components. Dutch bikes from Workcycles and Azor have a good powder coat paint and stainless components. They can stay outside or in a garage, even in varying humidity, salt, snow, and sun for decades with little to no damage. This even if maintenance is totally neglected. Gazelle, Batavus and some others are a step below but still hold up well. If they are not ridden frequently then an annual oil job on the cables if it has them would be good.

Lessor bikes, if kept clean, maintained, very well oiled and free from dings, should do fairly well too though perhaps not multi-decades. At least so long as they are used fairly frequently. Sitting for weeks or months at a time will lead to problems.

Several people have told me that newer CF bikes should be kept inside though both for the frame and some bits of the components that won't tolerate the salt and humidity as well. I've no direct experience with CF in Florida though since all of our Florida bikes are Workcycles.
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