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Originally Posted by danthemanohhyea View Post
If you think about it, they're almost the perfect bike for this:
  • Clearance for wide tires
  • Mounts for front and back fenders (usually)
I had the same reasoning and tried using my cyclocross bike as a winter bike. I added fenders and the bike already had disc brakes. I picked up a set of studded 700x35mm tires which were very expensive. I tried this for several Minnesota winters.

As it turns out I did not enjoy the experience and no longer think cyclocross is optional. Here is why:

  • The thin tires/wheels are OK on plowed roads but I could not control the bike on crossing snow mounds or on unplowed roads/bike trails. I couldn't get very far if the snow was deep or even worse, frozen and bumpy.
  • The fenders got stuck in deep snow a few times, sounded like I was going to rip them off.
  • When riding on plowed roads the drive train got pretty salty and ruined a chain, cassette combo pretty fast.
  • Cyclocross bikes are usually a pretty expensive bikes. It is easily my most favorite bike in my stable. Not the kind of bike you want to gunk up and ruin with salt and winter grime.
I am not talking smack, there are several examples of people who successfully use their cyclocross bikes for winter use. But most bikes can be adapted for winter use.

One of my friends was pretty smart (though I would never admit this to his arrogant face). He just bought a cheap mountain bike (that he didn't care too much about) with disc brakes exclusively for winter use. Put some fenders and a rack on it. Studded tires were much easier to come by and he purchased a pair for 1/2 the price I paid for ones that fit on a cyclocross bike. He NEVER lubed the chain, NEVER serviced the hubs just rode the beast to work and back in the winter. When something broke he replaced it. The key here was his emotional detachment from the bike, I wish I could do that but have not been able to yet. Winter biking is not sexy, and no one is going to notice the bike, just that some crazy fool that is riding in the winter (myself included).

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