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Originally Posted by zukahn1 View Post
I would say the groupo is worth $200 or so and the wheelset with tires is worth $100-150 so if your buying the bike for parts you should be fine if you can get it for $300 or less. As for the frame set it's not much value by itself not realy the type of framset someone is likely to look for as just a frame set so $50-75. I think this would make a great transplant candidate if you can come up with a nice ISO standard frame set the right size you could put nearly all the components on it and have a pretty nice bike.
Thanks, the wheelset is what I'm most unsure of. I don't know how much demand there is for 650 road wheels.

Originally Posted by CO_Hoya View Post
One thing to keep in mind is that, on a bike that small, the cranks will likely be 165mm. Could be an issue if you are tall and/or used to larger cranks.
Yeah, I mentioned that in my original post. I need 175s or 172.5, and I figured these would be very small and I'd have to find some appropriate cranks.

Originally Posted by bargainguy View Post
I wouldn't buy this bike at $450 to part it out.

This series Alpha Aluminum Trek with the triangular downtube has a somewhat harsh ride, certainly more so than the round tube alu Treks which preceded it.

The WSD frameset in this size is probably not as desirable for someone else to build up unless they can get it for cheap. And as stated above, the 650c wheelset and short cranks make the parts somewhat hard to transfer to a different frame unless you want to build up a different small frame.

The entire bike is right around FMV, maybe a little more in the spring. I'd wait for a better deal, or at least one where the parts are more transferable to a different frame.
This is only worth my trouble if it's a great, fantastic deal. If it's just FMV, then I need to wait till I really need a 6500 group set, hopefully with crank and wheels I can also use, and find the best deal I can.

Thanks everyone for your input.
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