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I can say the Hiabike (Bosch, Bosch CX & Yamaha) all perform well, but are expensive. The Yamaha with dual front chainring is the most reasonably priced. I've ridden all three motors on different frames. Very nice E-bikes.

The Raleigh Misceo iE is a wonderful electric shifting ride with the Shimano STePS system, but doesn't have a suspension fork. I think Raleigh does have a suspension fork model for 2017 though. IMHO this bike is great for riders that want to commute or ride with others that are much stronger riders on cemment and possibly mild gravel roads. One nice feature is the bike will shift back to the starting gear of your choice when you stop automatically. A BIG feature when riding stop and go. Plus I've read about women that set this bike up as a road bike to ride with their husbands in hilly areas and it performs flawlessly in that regard.

One eMTB you might research is the Focus Jam2 in its' cheapest form. This E-bike has the new Shimano STePS system that is designed for off-road use and has the ability to support an additional battery for extended range. Personally I have my eye on this 2017 eMTB and Focus eMTB's in general going forward. They seem to be a company that gets what many MTBer's want, which is a bit of electric assist in a light weight package that still has the feel of a MTB bicycle and optional huge range.

ADDED: The FOCUS BOLD2 hardtail might be interesting to review for your wife. I've got my eye on the FOCUS JAM2 29 PRO Di2. Awesome job Focus!

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