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OP here. Wife and I test rode a couple of Trek ebikes with the Shimano STePS system. She also rode an Orbea with Bosch motor. While the test rides were pretty short (around 3 miles) we were able to go up short hills with what I estimated to be a 5 to 6% grade. It was a real eye opener. What she liked was that the bikes rode like a bike, felt like a bike, and pedaled like a bike, with the assist on or off. Instead of grinding up a hill in granny, the assist allowed her to pedal up the hills without dread. To me, it seemed like you had a really, really big tailwind that was helping you up the hill. I think my problem will be keeping up with my bride once she gets an ebike.

We are going to check out some Haibikes with Bosch and Shimano motors, a Raleigh Misceo and maybe another bike or two in a couple of weeks. Since those test rides will be in the SW Chicago burbs I am little concerned about a lack of hills, but we will see.

Thanks for the reviews, NoPhart. Your comments on the Raleigh Misceo are the reason I think that may be a good choice. The lack of a suspension fork may be an issue, but we'll see.

I followed the link to the Focus bikes. The hardtail looks very slick and I like the option to add a second battery for long trips. Of course, you can always carry a second battery on any long trip. I did not see a US seller, but my guess is that they will eventually make their mark in the US market.
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