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Advice for a New Rider

Hi, I'm glad to have found this place, it looks great. I just wanted to introduce myself and appeal to the collective wisdom of the group regarding my first single speed bike. I'm a graduate student, studying comparative literature.

I'm in love with steel and don't think I'll ever ride anything else. I'm looking at a Jonny Cycles, Richard Sachs, Kirk and Vanilla frameset. Any opinions on these guys or other framemaker suggestions is greatly welcomed. I'm new, so tell me anything. I do have a couple of general questions. I've never ridden a ss before, but from what I hear, I think I'll like it alot. Since I won't be ridding it on an actual track, it seems that a "street" geometry is the way to go. What are the essential differences between "track" and "street"? Also, I ride a 55cm now, do people usually ride a "bigger" frame with track bikes? I'll end up ridding it to school and I imagine on the weekends, to the coffee shop, etc. Since I'm going with a custom frameset, I don't want to spend too much on comps. What do you guys think about the campy record pista -- is this overkill for a street bike? I have campy on my road bike and have really grown to love the stuff. Also, do mavic open pros to the job on something like this? Or, should I be looking into something else? Ok, I think that's enought. Any advice is most helpful. Thanks very much.
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