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Just to add to the knowledge base of this thread, I recently restored (basically just cleaned up and fully serviced) an '85 Rockhopper. As noted elsewhere in this thread, 85 was the first year for this model and it was also stated that the Rockhopper's got bumped up to the Stumpjumper Sport Deore XT components starting in 86. My bike, however, was built in December of 85 according to the serial code but it too was outfitted in the Deore XT components so it has the Staghead front and rear derailleurs (M700). Another interesting thing about this particular bike is that it also has the Suntour XC-II pedals that some of the Stumpjumpers built around that timeframe were outfitted with. So, while it has some rather unique characteristics, it appears to be all original parts on this bike except for the tires and a couple of brake cable housings that I replaced as part of the resto.

The information in this thread and the vintage Specialized Specs over on were very helpful in researching this bike.

This bike was in amazing condition for its age. All of the components were in almost new condition and all of the brightwork including the spokes, cups, etc are rust free and the chrome sparkles. I would have expected it to be somewhat oxidized after this many years so it must have been kept indoors for most of its life. The paint has some dings in it most of which have been touched up but for the most part is in great condition too. Here's a pic.


Unfortunately, I have to sell this bike so if you want to see more detailed pics or are interested in buying, you can find them over in the marketplace HERE.
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