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Originally Posted by Dahon.Steve View Post
The problem with the Copenhagen wheel was discussed before. You can't recharge the wheel at work since it does not have a removable battery. Therefore, your trip has to be less than 15 miles or you'll run out of energy. Maybe if they have a quick release, that would enable you to remove the wheel to recharge in the office.

Since the bike does not come with a controller, you'll have to use your cell phone. That's not a good idea because cell phones don't work well in very cold weather and freezing up. Plus, most are not weather resistant and do you really want to connect your $600,00 dollar Iphone on that plastic handlebar lock?
So, what does your needs have to do with the needs of others? It wouldn't work for you, but you're not the only person who might consider it. I'd say, for a person desiring an all-in-one solution, it's still a viable option. I have nowhere to leave my bike outside at work, and at home my bikes all get brought inside my house. Charging the wheel indoors is a nonissue. And for the average commuter, 15 miles is more than adequate for a 1 way trip.

As for using a cellphone, so what? Modern cellphones/smartphones work decently well for this purpose. The cold isn't all that much of an issue. I use my Samsung Galaxy S6 Active in inclement/cold weather without problems. And if you get a solid phone holder for the handlebars you you'll be just fine. Besides, if you use a phone to help control the functions of the wheel, why can't you just place it inside your pocket, or a bag? And a large percentage of the phones available now are highly water resistant. I would know,...I'm a cellphone/smartphone nerd. LOL!!!

The main issue most had was this being in development for years, with backers being really pissed off. The wheels specs and design are quite good. For my liking that is,...YMMV.
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