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Doesn't anyone else smell a troll?

In my best faux innocent voice: "Hi I'm new here, but I think I'd like to try this fixie thing, but I don't really know anything about it so I was thinking of buying one of the most popular custom frames. I don't want to spend too too much on components though do you think C Record would be ok? Because I suppose I could spring for something better if C record really won't cut it. Oh and did I mention I'm a lit major?"

Just in case this was a serious post, and in the unlikely event I'm being an ******* (I know shocking isn't it) here's my serious answer to this question: No you don't need to spend 5 grand on a bike to commute to school and ride to the coffee shop on weekends, but if you wanna go ahead. As some stated earlier $200 wil get you to school and back just fine, or (somebody had to say it) buy an IRO and give it to some less fortunate rider when your done with it, but if you've got the dough to blow and you really want to then by all means spend a few grand and build something that would make the local racers and most of the people on this board envious.

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