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Any of the above methods work well. I often have 2-3 bikes on the back rack at a time and have used mini-bungies, velcro straps and most recently the GearTies that the OP linked to. All work but I really like the GearTies, both for keeping front wheels (and thus handlebars) from flopping around, and for holding cranksets in positions to prevent damage to neighboring frames or components.

I like double-sided velcro straps also because they are multi-taskers. I keep a couple of 12" straps wrapped around my stem most of the time. They work well not only for transport but can also be used as parking brakes when leaning a bike against a wall or object, ankle straps to keep your pants out of the drivetrain when you go for a quick ride with the grandkids or on a milk run, or to hang a a rolled up jacket or vest under your top bar on those iffy weather days.
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