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Pay It Forward 2017!

Same rules as last year (and the year before and...)
Originally Posted by Siu Blue Wind, Lead Admin
This is the pay it forward thread where the idea is to give away something that others might be able to use. Please understand that members here are giving away something without charging, and that it is customary to pay for the shipping if you are the recipient of that item. To continue the good spirit, we ask that if you find something that you no longer can use, perhaps you can pay that forward to someone else to pass on the good mojo.

If you are the person giving away the item, please let others know that it has been spoken for. If you have received an item, please let the person who sent it to you know that it arrived. Pics of it in use is always a bonus.

Please do not ask for items, this is not the thread to do so. Another thing that I ask is, please do not put claim to a lot of items here, lets give every one a chance to be the recipient of a gift.

Please note that IB and Bike Forums are not and will not be held responsible for any personal info given out or transactions that do not come out as hoped as well as any negative backlash.

Linky to last year's ->
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