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There's something odd there.
You can find a company called "Leader bikes" here:

But they only seem to make fixie/SS bikes. And the one you're looking at is undoubtedly geared. Rear wheels with external gears are wider than SS/FG wheels, so simply cramming one in isn't such a hot idea. But since the frame does have a cable stop for the rear derailer I'd guess the rear spacing is correct for the wheel used.
Can't tell from the pic if the derailer is actually broken or not.
However, I'm not seeing a derailer hanger. I suspect THAT is broken.
Doesn't have to be a showstopper, many frames come with replaceable hangers.
IMO a broken derailer hanger is more of a headache than a broken derailer, since there are so many different kinds. Finding the right one for a relatively rare bike can be tricky.
Derailers as such can cost anything between $25-200.
Another thing is that the bike has a seriously slammed stem. If you're not OK riding with the bars that low, you might have trouble getting them up to your required ride height.

If you think you're OK with the bar height, ask the seller for a clear pic of the right rear of the bike, showing the derailer mount.

And call the company that presumably made the bike, ask about derailer hanger and original retail price etc.
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