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You had a crummy experience, there's no way around that. I doubt I would visit that shop again, either.

That said, there may be room for insight into why certain things happened:

-The sensor is far from a universal thing. In the last decade, they've gone from analog wireless, to digital wireless, to ANT+, to Bluetooth, to Bluetooth low power. Stuff like that (but certainly not limited to computers) is why many shops are gun-shy about stocking accessories...that might not even work next year. ANT+ is a fairly common protocol, shared by many modern computers/some phones, so it is something that I would think a shop would stock if they also stock the computers that use it. Every shop I've ever been to has that 'one thing' that they ordered [1, 2, 5, 10] years ago, that they can't give away.

-In places where it gets cold during the winter (so, the vast majority of cyclists stop riding/go on to other sports), I would hazard to say all shops slow down on their ordering, and many will stretch out placing the order until they have to. Distributors have a free shipping/shipping credit level that you have to pass first, except unlike places that sell to consumers, it is in the multiple hundreds. In the dead of winter, it wasn't uncommon for one of the shops I worked at to go 3 weeks (or more) before placing an order. Of course, this depends heavily on incoming repairs/special orders, and how well repair inventory is managed. A shop should always give the option to 'get it now' so to speak, which may incur a shipping charge, but it will likely be far lower than what you would pay for overnight shipping (most large distributors, and some small ones, do regular next-day shipping in a 1 state radius).

I totally agree that the shop was slimy about the pricing thing, but I would at least give them the benefit of the doubt, until you talk to someone directly about it.
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