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Originally Posted by DrIsotope View Post
I guess I'm spoiled by having access to a fantastic LBS. Anything they don't have in stock they can generally have in 2-3 days, so long as the distributors have it. I visit once a week, even if I'm not looking to buy anything... though I usually am.
Same here, in fact there are several LBS in my area that fit this description. I have to wonder if the original issue that the OP had was frustration that the bike shop didn't have the sensor in stock and he didn't get to do his SWIFT session this weekend. However, the overcharging would definitely pi$$ me off. I wonder if he knew that Wahoo and Polar have SC sensors that are both Ant+ and Bluetooth and would have worked with SWIFT? Maybe he could have asked if they had any of them in stock and not just a Garmin SC sensor?

When I purchased my Colnago, in 2012, there were only two dealers that I could get them from. The one I settled on had to order my bike since they didn't have my size in stock. The distributor didn't have my bike with the group set I wanted (105) so the LBS asked if they had one with Ultegra and they did. The LBS sold me the bike for $100 over the price of the same bike with 105. Since I have purchased the bike, I have received free labor on most of the repairs I have taken it in for and get at least a 10-15% discount on other purchases. I had a squeak in my bike that was driving me crazy because I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I took it to the shop and he practically tore the bike down and lubricated everything and didn't charge me a dime. I now do my own repair and maintenance (except wheels and headsets) and the manager/mechanic gives me advise on different ways to fix things. He's even taken time off of repairing a bike just to show me how it's done. Try getting that kind of service from an online store.

My Colnago has over 40,000 miles on it so this year, for Xmas, I decided to award myself with another Colnago - their new C-RS model. Unfortunately, they don't ship from Italy until the end of this month and only three of them exist in the US that were used for display at InterBike. My LBS manager called his rep and had one of them sent down to his shop just so he could show me what the bike looked like. Yep! I ordered a new C-RS from them. Will your online store do that for you?

Don't get me wrong, I do buy online from time to time, but only items that they have to order from the same place I do; like custom print jerseys and tires that are less expensive online than what they can sell them for including my discount.
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