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Often if they sell one bike with 4 levels, say Tiagra/105/Ultegra/Dura Ace.

Price 105 = Price Tiagra + Full (cheap) retail price of 105 Groupset.
Price Ultegra = Price 105 + Full (cheap) retail price of Ultegra Groupset.
Price Dura Ace = Price Ultegra + Full (cheap) retail price of Dura Ace Groupset.

So... prices go up quickly. And to get the Ultegra level, it may appear as if one should buy the Tiagra bike, + buy a European groupset + sell the former Tiagra groupset as a "new pull".

That doesn't include taking shortcuts in groupsets, like adding some cheaper crankset. Also, wheels and other components could be different between the different pricing levels. Are you adding your own wheels?

Special accommodation for Electronics or Hydraulics?

Specs are sometimes ambiguous. For example, weight is not always published, and often one must hunt for weights. Different carbon weaves? Different finish quality?
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