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Originally Posted by Giant Doofus View Post
I've never worked out a good solution for really keeping my hands warm on the bike in winter. I just ran across these gloves and wondered if anyone has used them or something like them.

Volt Frostie Raynaud’s Heated Gloves - The Warming Store

Pretty pricey at $150, but I might be willing to try them if others have had good experiences.
My wife has Raynauds so she always has cold hands in winter. I bought her earlier versions of both the gloves and mittens that she used while skiing. They work well and still work fine after 3+ years. I bought her the gloves first but she still had issues when the temps were in the single digits. The mittens worked great for those real cold days. She found these well worth the money. I paid over $150 for each several years ago.
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