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Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
Okay, but the Mayo Clinic has no final authority in this discussion. They're another opinion. That's my point; this is not a black/white issue and requires a subtle tradeoff between a very slight (at best) reduction in morbidity vs. significant side effects. The Mayo Clinic is not that one that should be making this tradeoff; individuals should and they should have all the data.

I'm glad you're alive but you don't know this and if a doctor has told you this (in these definitive terms) then he is flat-out lying to you, probably to justify an intervention. There is no way to definitively know whether any given case of prostate cancer, even those that doctor's think are "aggressive" would actually cause a premature death. I quote the source above:

"There is adequate evidence that the benefit of PSA screening and early treatment ranges from 0 to 1 prostate cancer deaths avoided per 1000 men screened."

This is what the data says. Might you be the 1 in 1000? Perhaps, there is just no way to know.

- Mark

My PSA went from 11 to 14. My PSA was FAR LOWER than many men have. My Gleason Score was 5+5. Can't get ANY HIGHER GLEASON score. The PSA does not prove that one has cancer but it does indicate that an issue may exist. How one proceeds with the information that becomes available is a personal choice. Some men bury their head in the sand and some take active measures. Some like bents, some like diamond frames. What ever floats your boat. Only time will tell if my cancer was caught before it metastasized as it could be the mets that can kill me.
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