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Originally Posted by RubeRad View Post
$150 can buy a hell of a lot of chemical glove-warmers

Also, you can buy reusable warmers that are filled with a special solution so that you can boil the pouch to cause a chemical reaction that stores potential heat energy, and then "click" an activator inside the pack and that starts a reaction that slowly releases heat back out.

There seem to be many companies that make these, all with "click" in their name:
That's why I went with electric liners, those hot hands do not work well keeping your hands actually warm unless you are inactive. They only heat the top of your hand and have no benefit for your fingers. Well, I'll usually put a couple of the hot hands in the toe box of my sleeping bag to try and heat the area up a bit.
I wonder how well the poagies will warm my hands while I do other outside cold weather activities like shoveling snow, walking my dog. My Motion Heat do a fine job.
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