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Originally Posted by Giant Doofus View Post
I've never worked out a good solution for really keeping my hands warm on the bike in winter. I just ran across these gloves and wondered if anyone has used them or something like them.
Originally Posted by kingston View Post
Poagies don't work for shoveling snow or dog walking or a million other things that are not riding your bike. They are just for bike riding. Battery powered glove liners may work too, but they are significantly more expensive, need to be recharged and don't last forever. If you are looking for a way to keep your hands warm while you are riding your bike, poagies are the best. You will never hear people who use poagies complain about cold hands. If you are looking for a way to keep your hands warm while you are doing things other than riding your bike, electric heaters sound like an option worth considering.
Exactly right. The OP's request was to keep hands warm on the bike. For that, pogies are hands down (no pun) the best solution. They work and they work very well.

Every activity in the winter is going to require some tweak to optimize keeping appendages warm. I spend a lot of time outdoors skiing in the winter in both a winter professional role (any weather down to deep subzero) and in support of alpine racing programs. I can tell you that what I do for that role is very different from what I use for cycling. Those gloves while working outdoors skiing would not work cycling (they would be too warm) and, obviously, using pogies skiing is impractical. So there is not going to be one solution that fits all applications, it's just not going to happen.

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