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Originally Posted by aminadab
Wow, I'm truly humbled. Thanks for the responses. Yes, I am a grad student and yes that was a serious post. And, yes, I'm naive. I simply had no idea how much those frames cost. I've ridden bikes for my whole life and have become more interested in steel race bikes. Thanks for the advice re: cheaper options. I figured that I could get a simple frame from one of those guys for around 700 or so. How wrong I was. Re: how the hell I could afford something like that -- I can't. I'm not a trust fund kid and rely on a cheap TA stipend and the good folks at FAFSA for the rest. Sorry to come off as some rich jerk.
Where are you based? There's still a chance there are local framebuilders that can build you something for a bit less than those gentlemen would.
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