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Originally Posted by 2 Piece View Post
No.. The OP original request was for Volt heated gloves- $150.00 opinions?
Pogies may be great, and that is OK. They cost half the price of a decent set of electric liners, but they also greatly limited as to how and when they can keep your hands warm. I personally like all the additional outside benefits I can get from electric liners and not limited to just bicycling.
Semantic games you play.

You want to keep your hands warm on a bike you do pogies. You want to keep your hands warm skiing, get high grade mittens and use heater packs. You want to keep your hands warm cross country skiing, you do something different. There is no one solution that is optimal for all of these applications. The request was for keeping hands warm on a bike.

So to be explicit, I wouldn't spend $150 to keep my hands warm on a bike. I also am about 90% sure that they wouldn't work for me. Either they are inadequate in the wind proofing (the problem with the vast majority of gloves) and/or I would be warm until my hands sweated from exertion and then they would be cold. So, my answer to all questions by the OP is "no, these would not be a great choice. There are much better choices for a lot less money to keep your hands warm on the bike. For the bike, look at Pogies first."

FWIW, I bought one pair for $35 (bar mitts) on sale on Amazon. I bought another pair for $45 not on sale at the time. You can get them pretty inexpensively if you shop around. Here's a pair that look decent for $19.

I'm glad you enjoy your gloves.

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