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thanks guys this is helpful

btw drives me crazy when my boss asks a question or wants some info but doesn't tell me why. sometimes I need that context to better provide info. but I didn't want to introduce any distracting personal factors with a long explanation. I just wanted the answer to the question & these answers help a great deal:

"the fat bike is for snow or muddy rides, the 27.5 is my new "go to" bike and the 29 for fast rides on flowing trails"

"I use the 29er for fast, relatively simple rides and the 26" for slower, more difficult rides. I still have a wider selection of tires for the 26", which sometimes is the deciding factor. Would probably use the 29er more if it had a more driven frame design" not sure I know exactly what a "more driven frame design" means. I get the feeling the 29ers are big, heavy, not nimble, but great for blasting down relatively straight unpaved trails w mixed, compromising surfaces

"I like the feel of a 26er much more than a 29er. I feel it is more nimble and I enjoy being picky about my lines. I have a feeling 27.5 is a great balance between the two" ah nice, something else to look into

"I had a 26er Specialized for years that I loved. tried and entry level (deore 10 speed, solo air fork) and loved it so much I sold the 26er. Not sure if my size / terrain has a bit to do with it. I'm 6'4 & ride the rocky north east" but I would think "rocky" would be better served by the smaller wheel? no?

the reason I was asking is because I have experience with 26" old school mountain bikes & lately 700c hybrids. lately I've been riding unpaved rail trails w the hybrids & having a lot of fun. these trails are flat, mostly level, not technical & I don't get lost. one hybrid w 700x45 tires has been my go to bike for these trails & has been doing great. however, I've seen 29ers on the same trails & started to wonder if I should sell the hybrids & look for a used 29er. & if so, why. a wider tire would be one reason, especially now that a little snow has showed up here & there. but not sure I want to go thru that process of shopping, paying for & setting up another bike right now.

I found a cpl near me but finding a big enough frame is the challenge. lots of 18" 29ers out there but I need more like a 22". these are also expensive & one can get a used 26"er" for short money. I sold the one I had last spring in a fit of stable thinning
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