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Improving braking performance

I know this is discussed often and I have attempted to find the threads so I am seekinng the forums wisdome and experience.

Bike is a 2014 CoMo carerra equipped with TRP Spyres with Swissstop sinterized metal pads. My experience is the rear braking is marginal and by that I mean the brake lever bottoms out against the handlebar with reduced braking and once I adjust the pad spacing, I have to readjust again less than 100 miles later. In addition to having to re-adjust the pads, I observe that there is a lot of "squeeze" visible in the un-cased cable run. So when I squeeze the brakes, a lot of the brake handle travel goes into tightening the cable with little additional braking force. My attempts to tighten the cable just result in pulling the actuation lever on the brake body.

So between cogitating on the issue and researching the forums and googling it seems that the options are:

-Figure a way to install a stronger return spring in the brake
-use better brake housing.
-upgrade to hydraulic

I have not been able to find anything about modifying the spyre to increase the return spring plus doing so would likely increase braking fatigue.

Investigating better brake housing, I have seen recommendations for Nokon and Jagwire Elite. Both of these appear to be similar approaches, however, I am not sure this would help as the length of housing compared to the length of free air cable run where I see the cable tighteng is very small.

Upgrading to hydraulic is intuitively the best option, however, there is not much in the marketplace (that I can find) in the way of a 10 speed hydraulic Brifters. I would either have to upgrade the whole drive train to 11 speed or downgrade the shifter to 105 class. Neither of which I want to do.

(A possible solution that might be a reasonnable compromise would be a cable to hydraulic converter that attaches close to the brifter end of the run and providing the majority of the brake run to be hydraulic).

My preferred change would be to upgrade to hydraulic without having the modify the drivetrain.

So what have others done to solve this issue? Will an upgrade to a high end compressionless housing over the realatively short distance of housing make a difference? Is there a 10 speed brifter upgrade that is equal or better than the Ultegra I have now? Are there any scenarios I haven't thought about?
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