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I second the remarks about housing. Compressionless housing is essential. Since your problem is limited to the rear this tells me that the problem is housing. I dont think a "brake booster" like the Travel Agent adapters that Leisesturm has is what you want here. What these do is increase mechanical adavantage so that the pads move more when you pull the lever. These allow the use of long-arm V-brakes that were designed for use with flat bar levers to be used with road levers. It sounds like Leisesturm had similar cable-pull mismatch. This was common before V-brakes became available with shorter arms (like Paul mini-V) that work with road levers. Our Co-motion had long-arm V-brakes with Travel Agent adapters. They worked very will but they are very fiddly when changing cables and sort of Rube-Goldbergish and inelegant, IMO. I note also that there is a tradeoff- you get more brake pad travel, but the force at the pads decreases. This is not a problem with the long-arm Vs since you are essentially correcting a cable pull mismatch- there is plenty of power but not enough cable pull, so trading a little power for more brake pad travel is acceptable. With disk brakes is entirely different. You may not be able to afford less power. It will also make the action on rear very different from the front.
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