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I just back from the shop. the Manager convince me that Large Bike is accurate for me if We taking about high from pedal to seat. Only issue is to long tob tube. But he find some solution which is change for shorter stem. Saddle I already move to front.. pretty far. Hoover I still prefer medium bike which is later, better for jumping, maneuvering and control. Well.. maybe I will used tbo it. Front while he will calibrate, but I will lose free service which coming in one moth time.
About suspension it was the hardest part for discuss with him. He try to bullsit to me that the not to hard, just fine.
All the time he explained to me 23423 times how to set up soft, medium hard and other basic things. When I ask him for compare amortization pressure which others bikes, We reach to others and I start pressure, definitely I notes huge different. So he set that is because the are different model of forks. But We try cheaper one So I ask him to compare similar model or same kind of forks. He reply to check this We need to building one heh So I seet that you have same model of bike but medium (It was on the front shop window) So We reach to this bike and I starting checking pressure. Forks easy come down. The ugly-est part of his 15 minutes confrontation it was when he didn't want to agree that here is a different between forks from my bike and that medium size. He even call me that I'm insane, and mad!. So i set maybe We both mad so I ask his worker for check if is any diffrent. He notes this but he didnt want to stay against his Boss so he just set it is little bit Finally he said that he will swap for me those forks fro medium size bike.
So Front while, new shorter stem and swap forks. Bike will be ready Monday Thursday Im kind of glad
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