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Originally Posted by marciero View Post
So you've replaced with Spyre's? Do you still use the Travel Agents? I note that the rotor on the bike pictured appears to be rather small, like 160mm. Replacing with 200mm rotors would greatly improve the braking, as braking force is proportional to the ratio of rotor radius to wheel radius.
Good eyes. No, the Travel Agents are no longer necessary, since they have the correct pull to match the Tektro levers. I changed both rotors to 180mm although, believe it or not, the 160's worked pretty darn well. My stoker is blind, and fearless. When we are out with the club, and have crested whatever climb our sadistic ride leader threw into the route... wheeeee... while all the other Captains are cooking their inner tubes or boiling off the brake fluid their master cyclinders, me and mine use terminal velocity, instead of the brake pads, to control speed. As I understand it, the Travel Agents for v-brakes improve brake response as they replace the noodle with a low friction pulley. The inline version though is a horror, and introduces so much additional drag that return springs that were adequate before can no longer retract the pads. I think if the o.p. enlists the aid of another person to tighten the cable clamp, while they yank for all they are worth on the cable end, to get every last bit of slack out of the system, they will find greatly improved rear brake action.
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