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Originally Posted by Leisesturm View Post

.... I think if the o.p. enlists the aid of another person to tighten the cable clamp, while they yank for all they are worth on the cable end, to get every last bit of slack out of the system, they will find greatly improved rear brake action.
I wish it was that simple. When I apply the brakes, the actuating lever moves immediately until the pads engage, then slack is consumed from the line and the I get more brake force. I have to keep the pads adjusted ridiculously close to the rotors to get acceptable performance. (BTW I have 6700 brifters)

I believe I have 2 phenomena going on here: 1- the spyre return spring is not engineered strong enough to remove cable slack over the long cable run, and, 2- the pad adjust screws are not holding their set point.

That said I have heard some great experience/advice here. I picked up an assortment of compression springs and ordered a set of compressionless brake housings (Jagwire Elite Road) and will give them a try and report back down the road after I get some miles on them.

Thanks everyone for the help.
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