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Originally Posted by Alcanbrad View Post
I wish it was that simple. When I apply the brakes, the actuating lever moves immediately until the pads engage, then slack is consumed from the line and the I get more brake force. I have to keep the pads adjusted ridiculously close to the rotors to get acceptable performance. (BTW I have 6700 brifters)

That said I have heard some great experience/advice here. I picked up an assortment of compression springs and ordered a set of compressionless brake housings (Jagwire Elite Road) and will give them a try and report back down the road after I get some miles on them.

Thanks everyone for the help.
I have had some good experience recently with Yokozuna compressionless housing and TRP Hy/Rd brakes on my single bike (upgrade from BB7s). Would now consider for our tandem too.
There is a known issue with the Hy/Rd as they are designed for cable pull on current Shimano 11 speed levers. Older Shimano, SRAM and Campy levers need a modification to the brakes to make the work. Am wondering if the Spyres have a similar issue.
Good luck!

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