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Fat Biking with Skiers

Went up to the Sierra Nevadas (California) with some friends to do some cross country skiing. Found out I could rent a Surly Pugsely and since I didn't want to exacerbate my ankle injury, thought I might give the fat bike a try.

I had previously thought of them as more of a lark and novelty than a serious bike (despite seeing some incredible trips done on them). I was really pleasantly surprised to find that with sub-10psi I was able to ride the hell out of it on the trails. I suspect they're much more condition dependent than most bikes, and the conditions were great for me, but that being said I still want one of my own! What a riot. And it was really fun seeing the hilarious looks skiers would give me when they saw me. I guess these bikes are still relatively uncommon. I lot of skiers looked at me as if I had gone out for a ride to the market downtown and somehow gotten reallllly lost. I suspect it had a lot to do with my attire.

I found it really easy to ride with skiers, but you have to be conscientious and not tear up the trails. I'm looking forward to doing some off trail (off ski-trail) anyway rides!

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