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Originally Posted by BobG View Post
I rode a 2 week MT section of the GDMBR using 700x40 tires on a rigid frame bike. I was always under control, felt they were adequate and had fun. As Blarney and Max have alluded, the washboard indeed gets old. That said, it would have also gotten old driving my pickup truck with 8" wide tires and four wheel suspension! I find that larger diameter wheels help as much as increased width. They bridge the peaks of the washboard more smoothly...

O - O.........vs........o - o

Here's another post I made on an old thread praising the virtues of larger diameter wheels...

Interesting. Thanks.

I am finding it more pleasant to ride my 700c gravel bike than my 26" wheel mountain bike. I never considered wheel diameter to be the reason. Maybe I should try a more modern mountain bike some day. Or that Fargo I posted a picture of with 27.5+
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