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Originally Posted by kshapero View Post
I have expensive (to me anyway) lights and a computer on my bike. When I go into a building and lock up my bike outside, I often wonder should I take my lights and computer in with me or just leave them on the bike? Your thoughts?
Take it in with you!!

Between my Hero4 Session, Edge 800 and headlight (at night), I can have up to $450 worth of gadgets on my handlebars and I'll be damned if I'm going to leave them on my bike just so some junkie can trade them in for his $10 fix. Nope, they all go in my pockets whenever I lock up my bike, even if I'll be away from it for just a few minutes.

Way back when I was a teenager, a friend and I used to ride our bikes to the local bowling alley that had a pretty good video game arcade in it. We'd spend hours in there, playing all the hottest games. The bike rack was pretty much in sight from wherever you'd be in the game room, so keeping an eye on our bikes was easy enough, but one day, I looked out the window and saw a guy going thru my handlebar bag. By the time I was able to get out to the bike, the guy had taken off with the "emergency" money I kept in there, along with a few (admittedly cheap) bike tools. Lesson learned. Ever since then, anything of value is kept with me.

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