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Originally Posted by evan326 View Post
@SpeshulEd: I think I've settled on this one then from westbrookcycles After everything, with a k-edge chain catcher it'd be $218 after shipping.
How could you tell they were a driver?
I know I'll never get any KOMs here. The UCI race course was pretty much everywhere I ride. One segment my best avg is 19mph, KOM is 33mph!
Did the 8 arms just come out, I don't think I've ever noticed there was even a difference before. I had to go check my bikes to see what they had, haha.

As for the KOM, the guy had an average speed of over 40mph for a 23 mile trip. Not only was he driving, he was speeding! haha. Most of my KOMs are on slow segments between my house and work, ride them enough and sooner or later you have good legs on the same day as a good tail wind and you just go all out.
Hey guys, lets go play bikes! Strava

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