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Wife ended up with a new 2015 hiabike Trekking Pro from Random Bike Parts, purchased at less than 50% list. We had a lbs assemble it. While the 2017 Haibikes come with a 500 wh battery, I really couldn't tell much difference between a 2016 and a 2015 since they both come with 350 w motors and a 400 wh battery. Her bike came with a 9 speed cassette and 3 internal hub gears, plus 4 assist levels. She is really liking it and kicking my butt on an significant hill. Really nice workmanship on the bike with quality components.

So far, the range has been pretty amazing. Yesterday we came back from 32 mile ride with about 1300 ft of climb and she still had a listed eco range of about 45 miles. However, she is only using the assist as necessary to maintain speed or needed for climbs. My guess is that for the terrain we normally ride, she will have real world range of around 50 to 60 miles, depending on her use of the assist. All in all, she is very happy with the Haibike.
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