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Bike Messengers Who Love Classic & Vintage - Kelly & Merckx

Really glad you guys are enjoying these as much as I am. I know a guy with an original AC Cobra. He bought it new and still drives the hell out of it (scared & impressed me at the same time once while ripping around the Berkeley hills with him)... but his car looks like these bikes. Used and loved in that order. To quote [MENTION=348967]J.Oxley[/MENTION] "Much beausage".

I think I like them so much because I tend to be more on the keeping-things-pristine end of the spectrum, and despite hard use, I usually touch things up, restore them, and so on. Such is my personality. But I LOVE seeing these bikes ridden in this state. It's fantastic. And as far as locking them up loosely goes, their owners (at least where I've been taking pictures) are no more than a few feet away.

I caught a couple more this afternoon. Would love any background on this particular model of Eddy Merckx and the beautiful green Kelly with the straight forks.

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