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OP here, I tried changing the housings to compressionless (Jagwire Link Elite Road) which did not make any improvement. I didn't expect much since the housing only constitutes about 25% of the total brake cable run. With the new housing and cable, there was still a lot slack in cable that would actuate the brakes when tensioning the slack out of the cable so I tried the return spring as suggested earlier. The spring was curved as the earlier posters picture and the slack in the cable was removed, however, the slack was now in the curved section of cable inside the spring so there was still no improvement.

So I shortened the spring a little bit and widened the end loop so it would capture the cable cam near the cable fixing bolt.

Here is a picture:

There was still enough spring tension to remove the slack and now the rear brake performance is very good. I am quite pleased and braking is crisp and confident.

The root cause is the Spyre return spring is under-strength for application as a tandem rear brake. A stronger return spring isn`t required for most applications. I wish TRP either offered a stronger, or adjustable spring option, or an aftermarket return boost spring.

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