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Antenna Advice

I'm making progress Ditching Dish, at this point I'm trying to dial in my OTA HD.

I started with a $5 (i.e. disposable) passive antenna from fleabay. It pulled in a few channels real well, but not many.

Next step, $30 RCA amplified indoor antenna, it said "45 miles!". It was the cheapest amplified indoor antenna at Best Buy. I spent yesterday afternoon dragging around a long coax cable, running back and forth to the tv to do channel scans, looking for a placement that would pull in everything. No joy. (But def. better than the passive one)

So at this point the indoor antenna will be returned, and I need to decide whether to try next a more powerful (expensive) indoor antenna, or go outdoor.

Here are my TVFOOL results, all the channels I care about to the south. CBS/ABC are SW, and Fox/NBC/PBS are SSE. Furthest transmitter only 19 miles away. Also, I live in a valley, and there is a line of hills to my south, so there's no actual line of sight to any of them. (If you click on "KFMB-TV" or any other network in that TV-fool link, you can see a terrain profile). So I'm guessing my goal is to get a good clear view of the ridge that the signals are spilling over.

I live in a townhouse in a north/south oriented building. Two stories plus an attic. I tried putting the antenna up in the attic, I tried as high and south as I could (holding it up against the south wall near the peak of the roof -- see the red dot), but couldn't get all the channels.

Right now our Dish antenna is mounted on the east side (biggest red dot), coming off an eave and pointing a little east of south. If I mounted an outdoor antenna in the same place (and take advantage of the existing cabling), would the building totally obstruct the channels to the southwest?

I'm not sure whether our hoa is cool with rooftop antennas, I have to go out and look but I haven't noticed any others. I don't want to ask because, you know, forgiveness>permission. But I've heard that a chimney-top antenna is failproof.

I have a small patio on the east side, with a fence. If I ran a pole up high (attached to the fence), that would give about 8ft clearance from the house, allowing a little bit more southwesterly exposure (eastmost red dot). Would that help? (There's a 20ft palm tree that would help make that pole not so obvious/obtrusive)

What if I got permission from my southernmost neighbor to mount a HD antenna at the corner of her fence, where the building would not be an obstruction? Would it not need to be high?

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